I am a Spielzeugphile

Toys made up my childhood just like books. If they say “Bibliophile”, “Epicure”, I say , I am a “Spielzeugphile”.  To me, Toys have created an amazing funfilled tiny world. I loved being with toys, that’s why I said I am a “Spielzeugphile”

To my memory, I think my first toy was a black truck, I liked it so much. “Cars” are My favourite. And to me, “Hotwheels” cars were the craze. Those cars are so amazing and real..I liked the different models of car they made. So, I started collecting them.

It was a yellow 69 dodge charger, what a car!!.. one of my best collection. Growing up with cars made me very close to an understanding of cars. I took interest in learning about the different car models and their engine powers, I remember drawing new model cars. At present, I have more than 80 Hotwheels.

Like cars,trains were my best companion too. Thomas and Friends” was an amazing cartoon, which made me a big fan of trains. I bought the main character “Thomas” train, and bought his friends( different trian characters), as “Thomas” was feeling lonely. 😉 Being with trains made me read books related to it. I read books about the discovery of first train, even imagined myself in one of the periods in the creation of locomotive steam engine. 🙂

As a 3-year old, my world was cars and trains. My bed used to be my racing track, I use to pretend play. That’s an imaginative world, where you are the boss 😉 So being with toys is cool. As I started to pretend play with my cars and trains, I needed repair tools…..like …..one of the cartoon series, “Handy Manny”. So much influenced by TV..more of bit of extra time in TV, boy

YA Right!!!!.. next favourite became LEGO…….

I was bored with my usual toys and were in one of the shopping center, a boring 3 year old running around in the isles of “Walmart”. Saw this thing called LEGO. Its like small building blocks. As lego had stuffs like cars, buildings etc.  I loved the Lego car. I came home with it. I needed some help with it so, my mom  helped me out. When I built it, it looked smaller than the picture in front of the box, but that’s kind of attracting. Like a Minature world.

To add more spice to my love, my mom showed me “The invention of lego” on Youtube. That’s was one of the most inspiring videos which made me think, your imagination has an amazing intellectual power. So, more legos like lego planes, boats ,etc.added into my toy collection and interestingly legos came with little tiny people too.

Years passed but, I still make stuff with Legos. But, After my first time, I did not follow the instructions that the Lego came with. As I wanted it to be like the Creator(me), Innovator(me),Developer(me) and obviously the User(meeeee). 🙂

So toys are not just toys, it’s a more creative world. Now I see  my little brother enjoying cars and legos, just like me. Now too, I sit with him and enjoy playing with cars, tools and legos. Its crazy but cool.

Toys are not just toys, it opens up you to a new level of ” the imaginative world”. And talking so much about toys, how can I not share my feelings towards the Toy”R”Us— the retailer company started back in 1948. That one shopping place or call it a “Toy Palace”. Once you are inside the Toy”R”Us, you will feel the tiny toy world and can live with it, though you buy or not, you can enjoy and get an amazing happiness inside you, yaa!!,   ” the little you”

I miss them now as they have closed. It all started with one amazing person, The Founder of Toys”R”Us “Charles Lazarus”. I understood, “Change is the only constant thing in Life”. but Imagination and Creativity with a little intelligence to is a way big deal.

I was telling you in first few lines was the word “Spielzeugphile” , This word is innovatively created by me, as I was writing this blog, wanted to tell that I am a toy lover, I did’t find any word. So I became the Creator and Innovator of this word. 😉 [i live by my word]

To describe this word ,

  • Spielzeug – German word – means Toys.
  • Phile – a combined word – means fondness of specified thing,
  • It’s a Noun.
  • So One word to describe a person who loves or fond of toys – Spielzeugphile

How about adding this word to the dictionaries!!!!!!! 😉 🙂 😉





The Little Me & Me

I have a baby brother, actually the little me. I’m a 13-year-old and my brother is 4 years old. He is the naughty brat at home. Sometimes it’s like a mirror image.Yup!! He shadows whatever I do. For instance, I talk to my friend on the phone he takes my mom’s phone and pretends to talk to a person.He even sings and listens to the latest songs that I listened to.

I didn’t notice that initially but later I was watching him singing the lyric while he is bubble bathing. My Silly and Funny Little Man. My parents keep telling me that my brother is just like me, they say that it’s a like big redo work for them, as they have to do it all over again. 😉  HAHAHA…

That pudgy little cheek face had something different than me, he was aggressive. I mean, when I found that out I was like “Where did you get this from?!? ”. I don’t have aggressiveness!!!!.. I suppose. But, due to his aggressiveness, he had a fit, To illustrate, if he didn’t get what he craved for his birthday, he screams like the whole galaxy can hear it.

That steered me, Is he, me ? and with other character too !!. . Which made me think he is a like a mutant.(in a funny way though:)) And then I felt reverent so, I got momentous if he follows me. As I have to do specific things right so that he also does the right things.

And I do anything in the wrong way or negative possibly, even he might follow which his future will be spoilt. I play guitar so, what my brother does he goes up to mom and ask her ” Mommy, I want a guitar like brother”. Then my mom convinces to get him a guitar too “. You should see that happy face That moment…. 🙂

“Joy makes everything”. You do things what makes you happy and also making others happy.

Why Books were Veggie to me

Earlier, to me books are  literally like eating some vegetable as I am veggie- hater during my childhood * now too sometimes..  😉 And also I was just like Squidward , for who don’t know Squidward , he is a cartoon character from sponge bob SquarePants. He just wanted to be out of ungoverned neighbor’s like SpongeBob and Patrick.  I just wanted to be free from pre-k books..as it was kind of boring like ungoverned neighbor’s

Change is constant likewise even my thought towards books changed. Ha… I used a  “quote!”

Luckily I had some books which my mom introduced to me and I still remember the book when I was around two  and half year old.  “ Ratatouille”  my first ever story book which was way away from my boring pre-k books. I enjoyed  that book because it was about cooking and they way it was illustrated . l remember the first page and the first dialogue, it said “Who am I, I’m Remy , I am a rat”.

My second book  was “Noddy” and happy reading the book as I loved his car ( Noddy’s car ), the whole town that the story takes place was just colorful, it was like small Star city from the comic,  “green arrow.”

Then story books came back in my life when I was in 3rd grade. Man!!! I started to eat Veggie and loved books a lot.  I read a lot of books like sideways stories from wayside school, Big Nate books, Magic Tree House series, Captain Underpants, Goosebumps Enid Blyton etc.. Then I again I wasn’t around story book for a period I really don’t know why might be I was into reading school book..( my boring veggie)

Then my uncle sent me goosebumps books and Man!!!… I thought I was back to the amazing world of words.. “Books”

There were days where I got to introduced to the fat books , then I thought it’s gonna take me more 10 years to complete that one book. “ Big Nate” That’s the  book that I was afraid of earlier and later finishing it with one week made me to realize.. it’s not the books I was scared of, it’s just the pages it carried.

Now I enjoy reading and it’s kind of magical land when you are with the right book.                    It’s like ‘Books are like veggies you have to take them anyways’.  

“Love it & enjoy it.”